Children with Special Needs

a child's first dental visit could be terrifying, especially for children with special needs. Pediatric dentists have two or more years of advanced training beyond dental school that includes behavior management and sedation techniques. Pediatric dentists are able to work with parents on the limits and risks of various techniques, and have offices that are designed to cater to all special needs children. 


Special children sometimes need special attention to dental hygiene. Some children are very susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease or oral trauma. Others require medication or diets that are, unfortunately, detrimental to dental health. In addition, other children have physical difficulty with effective dental habits at home.


Dr. D'Alessandria and his staff are trained specifically in dental care for patients with special needs.

Dr. D'Alessandria will customize a preventive strategy tailored to fit the needs of your child. Our office is designed to be physically accessible to special children. In cases where your child needs to visit our office for treatment, we are able to provide personalized services.​


Hospital Dentistry Under General Anesthesia


Sometimes the only safe way to provide dental care for infants, children, adolescents, or persons with special health care needs is in the hospital, under general anesthesia, and under the auspices of an anesthesiologist. We often treat patients who present special challenges related to age, behavior, medical status, developmental disabilities, intellectual limitations, or special needs. 

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TIP for Parents


Having your child visit the dentist visit for regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants to prevent tooth decay can save you money and reduce the need for further dental treatments.

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